Thursday April 27th 2023 8.30pm LXV Julietta Ferrari Violeta Mayoral Ex Continent Presents: SDSDS#4 — El Pumarejo Av. Carrilet, 187 – Nau 4 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat — Tickets: 9€ ...
— ANM060 —
CD Digipack Edition of 100 copies VWER happens as a Motocos; gun, whale and shoe sounds Mastered by Jack Callahan ...
— ANM050 —
Box Set including: CD Digipack, Cassette, Two-Sided A2 Poster, Sticker, Cable Tie Recorded in Chicago, IL 2017-2020 Produced and mixed by Faithful Cassette Mastered ...
— ANM051 —
Ground Drum A2 Poster Printed on 160gr Recycled Paper Limited to 50 copies ...
— ANM051 —
CD Digipack Limited to 100 copies Realised in Ireland, England and Japan 2018 - 2020 Mastered by Niklas Adam Drawings by Luciano Maggiore ...
— ANM057 —
CD in pocket sleeve and 20 Page Book cased in oversized 7" Sleeve Limited to 100 Music by Ellen Phan Video Stills by ...
— ANM047 —
CD digipack Limited to 100 Music composition and mastering by Simon Chioini Cover Sculptures by Lara Fluxà Photography by Violeta Mayoral Art direction by Violeta ...
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ANM060 Yureka Cash — Veritable Witness’ Exemplary Resolve

— 27.02.2023 —

September 8th and 9th 2022
Sala Ricson Hangar, Barcelona.

Emil Bognar-Nasdor, Clarence Barlow, Sergi Botella, Jack Callahan, John Cage, Noela Covelo, Kieran Daly, Nate Davis, Eric Frye, Evol, Anna Lanau, Pau Magrané, Violeta Mayoral, Madalyn Merkey, Victor Moragues, Daniel Moreno Roldán, Pantea, Parsa, Rubén Patiño, Agnès Pe, Rachelle Rahme, Rafa Romero, Arnau Sala Saez, Asha Sheshadri, Dania Shihab, Sydney Spann, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Jeff Witscher, Ryan Woodhall, C. Spencer Yeh, Ivan Zoloto.

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— 22.07.2022 —

Anòmia Acció#20
September 18th, 2021
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— 26.07.2021 —