Michael Speers — Ground Drum

Impossible drum and environments

What in the possible environment of this impossible drum would be the language of a community (fleshy, photosynthetic or air) which is gathered by, sounded through, the gut of these musical ideas?
This text inscribes a first part flux or fluctuations of this old future ground. A real, synthetic, notional language for an imagined community of organic life grown out from the site of these sounds:

these breathing pit, an
actual breþynge fragrance
imparting, sinks from.
n’protoluib blad
relieving mīcaply lif, ficxio.
our grind, membracaer.
becauz it ismattering. attends-ÿous, limbs of
the trassing plaa, placed.
apart we’k ymagin them heaving toned.
μεταβολή whip, a fungal hold.
something else gaswaljo
lip edge wi hekstis gorse
fu’molēroot apersuasõx.
carbon, or u sunk compression is opening
ha s a’ready soil, will happen, again.
we knead wheeze of actorz calm
charging drifts
ripple, wider
is organised or
how generous bodies have been.
into life

– Paul Abbott

Ground Drum: a predrum membranophone, constructed with an animal skin (membrane) stretched over a pit in the ground (resonator)

Thanks to Paul & Alison Speers, Louise, Niklas, Paul, Tom, Luciano and Arnau


CD Digipack
Limited to 100 copies
Realised in Ireland, England and Japan 2018 – 2020
Mastered by Niklas Adam
Drawings by Luciano Maggiore

Halite Bachi