Since its establishment in 2012 in Barcelona, Anòmia intends to effectively and horizontally present and contextualize a collective group of artists and projects working in various disciplines, including: Sound, Visual Arts, Publishing – through both physical and digital media- while remaining open in considering form and concept, generating and promoting reflections and enabling forward creative studies in media, contemporary thought and archival research.
The project, which has always been economically self-sustained, arises from the need to achieve independence from hierarchical structures and to create a context that gives space to projects which deal with different subjects through a dynamic of proximity and opening the door to the possibility of creating a real community. Having music or sound projects as a central element, we aim to move away from music industry models, to expand the limits of artistic formats, to link music and sound to other types of expressions, and above all to contextualize, in the best way possible, the work of artists and individuals who for the most part have not had the opportunity to present it or to do it as they would have liked. Anòmia above all emphasizes collaboration in the narrow sense of learning from each other while projects are produced and presented. Since 2012 it has produced sound and visual projects, editorial projects, actions, radio shows and various articles which are part of an online magazine.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about these activities, to work as an archive and to make them available.




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Due to our current limited access to time and resources we can’t accept demos.



Anòmia is an independent and economically self-sustained platform. Donating will help fund new projects and support artists.