Ellen Phan — Visual Squash



The pieces on Visual Squash were composed in early 2018 and were motivated by my work as an NLP Practitioner. A GSR Biofeedback device, which measures the intensity of emotional states, was utilized as source material and modulated through processing. This behavior-technology approach gathers insight into deliberate emotional states that inspire crunch hyper-wavy bliss blasts that jump into joy.

Neuro: Reality is processed by our five senses and nervous system into experience.

Linguistic: Our experience is coded, organized and given meaning by language and non-verbal communication systems.

Programming: Discovering, using and changing our behavior, language and non-verbal communication systems to achieve desired outcomes or directions.

-Ellen Phan


CD in pocket sleeve and 20 Page Book cased in oversized 7″ Sleeve
Limited to 100
Music by Ellen Phan
Video Stills by Nisa Karnsomport
Mastering by Giuseppe Ielasi
Graphic design by Arnau Sala Saez

Break State