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Music understood as a radical form of qualitative theory which reaches beyond the confines of human language, including mathematics: music too displays a logical independence, an unprovability despite its truth. Music makes possible new admissions/transmissions of the insufficiency of self, personhood, observation, science, and philosophy; as an ideal generic science, music communes with the concept of the generic itself which:

“operates by extracting a minimum invariant from the various scientific disciplines…these invariants have to be superposed, to be introduced as theoretical givens into the mode of superposition: the materials of science or philosophy are thus to be supplied to a material, conceptual formalism, i.e. they are themselves to be put into the mode of superposition as vectors, that is, into the context of generic science, which operates with the (vectorial) notion of wave rather than with notions such as corpuscle and point”

Music as generic science, with its vectorial notion of wave, is both sensible and mimetic: what we see or hear in music is ineliminably tied to what we do, to our own bodily awareness of sensed waves. Music as generic science has to operate in such a way as to produce more complex results than the materials it uses from science and philosophy, if it is to develop its own undulatory, superposed practice—music can produce deeper complexity from any and all materials chosen in any composition, by superpositioning its vectors, as waves. Thereby, music provides a complementary image of the Real, a cloning of that which is foreclosed to understanding in all human languages, formal sciences, and interpretations: its genericity of scientific output unites where all other languages can only divide. The subject of musical truth is the subject who can subtract themself from the given state of the situation, leaving behind and adhering to the deviating vector of an event, with this event understood as the withholding of human decision, rather than the realization of it.

References: Belevan, Krebs, Loughlin, Laruelle, Wittgenstein, Attali, Szepanski, Faulkner, Gödel, Galloway


Box Set including:
CD Digipack, Cassette, Two-Sided A2 Poster, Sticker, Cable Tie
Recorded in Chicago, IL 2017-2020
Produced and mixed by Faithful
Cassette Mastered by Michael Riordan
CD Mastered by Faithful
Poems by Faithful
Artwork / Graphic Design by Arnau Sala Saez
Product photos by Violeta Mayoral

Fear 4 the Worst