25 | 01 | 2018

ANM043 George Chua — Evidence Of Things Not Seen


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02 | 01 | 2018
anòmia Journal

Introducing The Anòmia Journal in hopes to give our collective a written voice. This is something that we have been working on for a bit and is very exciting to us. While the web version is in the works we have decided to start a Medium.com account and just start posting there. This page will only include one language version of each text but eventually English, Catalan and Spanish versions of each text will  be included to our website.



Visit our journal in this link — medium.com/anòmia-journal



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03 | 12 | 2017

Hear “Ora”, the first single from ANM040 Faithful — Truthless Repro Faith



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03 | 12 | 2017

15-12-17 @ LAUT, Barcelona



LOOPHOLE practices ambiguity: strategic spaces, narrow windows, abrupt slopes and hidden routes that are seemingly unfathomable. Several artists join forces to offer an unpredictable club night. LOOPHOLE aims to share and chart unexplored paths, as if crossing a mountain trail in the faint light of the moon. Those strange moments when nocturnal dance floors and risk perilously combine… don’t forget to bring your snacks and thermals.






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01 | 12 | 2017

ANM034 Oscar Abril Ascaso + Sedcontra — LP

22 | 11 | 2017

Presentation and Audition of ANM034 Oscar Abril Ascaso + Sedcontra LP
At Gràcia Territori Sonor Space
With Oscar Abril Ascaso, Daniel Sedcontra, Víctor Nubla, Jaime Gonzalo, Raül Pratginestós, Arnau Sala Saez
Friday December 1st
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01 | 12 | 2017

ANM032 Bhob Rainey — CD

26 | 09 | 2017

ANM035 Exael/uon — Cassette
ANM036 Jay Glass Dubs “Endless/Nameless” — Cassette

22 | 09 | 2017
Eric Frye / Jeff Witscher in Japan

September 30 at WWWβ (Tokyo)
October 3 at spazio rita (Nagoya)
October 4 at soto (Kyoto)
October 6 at socore factory (Osaka)
October 8 at pool (Tokyo)

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20 | 07 | 2017
Roc Jiménez de Cisneros — performs at Serafín Alvarez‘s exhibition The Way Things Do.
2 Lasers, a rotating screen, six speakers, chairs and deformed Acid House.

Thursday – July 20th
7:30 pm
Fundació Joan Miró
Free Admission


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20 | 07 | 2017
Elastic Floor

ELASTIC FLOOR is a concept developed by Rubén Patiño. A surface without walls, a playground for synthetic sounds. The basis of the project is to explore environments that could potentially exist away from the codes of behaviour established in orthodox spaces such as the club or the art gallery.


The first instalment comes in the form of three separate cassettes, each one by a different artist. The music generated in each release is an interpretation of this space.



Tunnel Flop by EVOL is the first of the three and it’s OUT NOW

03 | 06 | 2017

Alfredo Costa Monteiro‘s Radiophonic piece “Fragments Of an Unfinished Tale (a cinematic story)” which won the Palma Ars Acustica Prize 2017 will be broadcasted this upcoming Tuesday June 6th — 11PM via the Radio Show Espais Oberts on Catalunya Música 101.5 FM or through this URL

11 | 05 | 2017

Ex Continent — La perspectiva racional

Now Available

30 | 04 | 2017

Preorders Now Available. Shipping June 2017

11 | 04 | 2017
Two New Actions

ACC007 — Rubén Patiño presents Lag OS Swamp 333 Medley Premiere


18/04/17 at Hangar.org – Barcelona


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Facebook Event


ACC008 — OSCAR ABRIL ASCASO + SEDCONTRA Radio Pica 1990-1996


28/04/17 at Arts Santa Monica – Barcelona


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11 | 01 | 2017

Cameron Shafii — Pacific Northwest Tour Dates with Kevin Drumm


20/1/17 – Vancouver, BC at Red Gate Revue Stage, Quiet City #31
21/1/17 – Seattle, WA at Georgetown Steam Plant, Corridor Festival
22/1/17 – Portland, OR at S1, 3 Day Festival

01 | 12 | 2016

Peev is a new Mac OS App
developed by Bhob Rainey — Click Here for more info

23 | 09 | 2016



ANM023 Bookworms — Standards Of Beauty 12″

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24 | 08 | 2016

Eric Frye will be premiering his new piece, Observables. A 6-channel piece.



Wayward Music Series
Seattle, WA
More info: Click Here



Portland, OR
More info: Click Here
Flyer: Click Here

11 | 08 | 2016

Rubén Patiño — Liquid Marble II
Video: Watch here