Faithful — Truthless Repro Faith







“Nothing more than faith in powers implanted in me” – Philip K. Dick, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch



“Today’s alien discontinuum…operates not through continuities, retentions, genealogies or inheritances but rather through intervals, gaps, breaks. It turns away from roots; it opposes common sense with the force of the fictional and the power of falsity” – Kodwo Eshun, Operating System for the Redesign of Sonic Reality



The Exceptional Corporation, known as E Corp. WorldWide, maintains sovereignty over a super-majority stake in the remaining Earth-Virtual Markets. By virtue of this monopoly, E Corp. WorldWide’s ‘Virtual Reality Faith’ (VRF) allows for a patching together of a sort of distributed consensus network of control over almost all virtuality. However Truthless Repro Faith, a rogue cyborgian virtuality, has spawned as a transmissible VRF hack enabling increasingly more cyborgs to operate around E Corp. WordWide’s dominant VRF networks. Truthless Repro Faith attempts to decode and deprogram E Corp. WorldWide’s self-reproducing VRF ahead of itself, consisting of a sort of conscious subconsciousness, a wetware installed as at best a virtual force field and at worst a futile rebuttal to E Corp. WorldWide which has fully overflowed all hives, networks, and nodes of information flow.




Clear Ferric cassette tape with red reels and white imprint.
Offset printed artwork.
Edition of 100 copies.

All tracks recorded between 2014 and 2017 in Chicago.
Produced and Mixed by Faithful
Mastered by Michael Riordan
Artwork by Miguel Gaydosh
Artwork, Graphic Design by Arnau Sala Saez
Photographs by Diego Bustamante