die Reihe — Vocoder





His first new release since 2016’s Housed, die Reihe, America’s lovable sonic provocateur, returns with VOCODER, a 12” record on Anòmia which features a new piece on side A and two exciting dance remixes by up-and-coming producers on side B. Using only voice and a vocoder created in Max/MSP, the piece “VOCODER” is “an exercise in creating as self-contained a piece as possible, using as little material as possible while still maintaining a certain level of interest and coherence.” For fans of Alvin Lucier, John Baldessari and Bruce Haack.


12″ EP
Edition of 300 copies
Recorded in NYC 2016
Mastered and cut by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle Vinylschnitt & Mastering

Vocoder — Promo