Max Eilbacher — Here a Peak, There an Abyss



During the winter of 2017 I was very immersed in the drawings of Bernard Tschumi. Using prebuilt VST synthesizers, I used repetition and recursion in programming the midi patterns that drove these digital synthesizers. The midi patterns/language controlled the pitch, timbre, and timing of the synthesizers. My goal was to create audio spaces that evoked a similar atmosphere to that of Tschumi’s work. Audio recordings that I made are also occasionally used as wavetables or manipulated in these VST synths and subjected to my “architectural” midi patterns. While assembling these sonic spaces I tried to keep a playful blend of harmony and psychosis, generated by the midi building blocks and the temporal structure of each piece.

—Max Eilbacher



*Tracks 3 and 7 are excerpts from Duncan Moore’s and my piece “Collapsing Pattern.” I extracted some digital synthesis that used very similar generative approaches to the other tracks I had been working on for this cd.


Compact Disc in Digipack Case
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux
Graphic Design by Arnau Sala Saez
Photographs by Violeta Mayoral
Limited to 100 copies