Lag OS — Pantano Stereomorfico









Lag OS is the project of multimedia artist Rubén Patiño. It explores the potential of soundscapes as illusory spaces. This series of works recreate artificial environments trough synthetic sound and other forms of media. Pantano Stereomorfico plays with biomorphism, textural characteristics, cryptic visual information and tactility. It is introduced as a collection of sonic scenes from a mysterious imaginary wetland.This exercise results in evocative narratives that muddle the periphery of ambient music, abstract sound and amorphous club music.



This project is presented as an art object produced in a very limited edition, which includes a music album that can be downloaded online.



These tablets consist of a 12 cm by 14cm rubber urethane object and were produced broadly during Patiño’s artist residency at Hangar in Barcelona in collaboration with Ali Yerdel. The Pantano Stereomorfico album compiles three long audio compositions recorded by Patiño during 2016-2017 and mastered by Rashad Becker.


Digital Album (wav, Flac, MP3).
Rubber Urethane Object.
Silk-screen printed box.
Certificate of Stereomorficity signed by the artist.
Limited Edition of 33 copies.

Recorded by Rubén Patiño 2016-2017.
Mastered by Rashad Becker 2017.

Artwork, Graphic Design by Rubén Patiño and Arnau Sala Saez.
Rubber Urethane Object produced by Rubén Patiño and Ali Yerdel.
Photographs by Diego Bustamante.

Drassig Land — Excerpt

Take AAA Dear — Excerpt

Swamp 333 Medley — Excerpt