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Peev is a piece of infinite music designed to enhance fortitude and persistence in digital environments.

It is recommended that you start peev as you are about to embark on a flurry of heterogeneous digital activities.

Maximum psychological effects are achieved as you forget that peev is in operation.

Peev both needs and does not need you, but your subjectivity is what makes peev real.

Mac OS app works on 10.6 and above. SuperCollider code (Windows, Linux, or Mac) requires SuperCollider with sc3-plugins installed.

The peev project is also available on GitHub. You are encouraged to create and share your own versions.


  1. What is this?
    It’s a Mac OS app and / or SuperCollider code. Both will play a piece of music that evolves as you use your computer normally.

Mac Users

  1. Is it hard?
    No. You download the app and open it. There’ll be one button — click on it when you’re ready to start. Hit the button again when you want to stop. Quit the app when you’re really done.
  2. Do I need anything to run it?
    Just your Mac. Peev works on OS 10.6 and up. If you don’t know what OS you’re using, you’re probably fine.
  3. Does it do anything funny to my computer?
    Other than making sounds, which may or may not be considered funny, no. There’s no collecting or transmitting of data.
  4. What if it doesn’t work?
    Peev has been tested on many Macs with several different OS versions. You shouldn’t experience problems, but if you do, please write a kind and coherent message using this form — include your OS version and a description of your issue.

Windows and Linux Users

  1. So I just get the code — do I need anything to run it?
    Yes, you need SuperCollider with sc3-plugins. Windows users can download sc3-plugins from the main SuperCollider download page. Everything is open source and free.
  2. Then what?
    There are instructions with the code, but, basically, you open peev.scd in SuperCollider, execute the code (i.e., put your cursor somewhere in the code, hit ctrl-return), and the fun begins.
  3. Is it hard?
    Not really.
  4. Does it do anything funny to my computer?
    No. See above.
  5. What if it doesn’t work?
    There are a lot of variables with SuperCollider installations. You are encouraged to seek solutions from the vibrant online community. Should that prove futile, please write a kind and coherent message using this form — include your OS version, a description of your issue, and any error messages that SuperCollider outputs.
  6. Seems like a pain — why should I pay for this?
    It probably won’t be a pain, but if you don’t want to pay for peev, you can get it on GitHub.

All Users

  1. Ok, I’ve got it running — now what do I do?
    Just act normal.

Digital Computer Application
Available for Mac OS 10.6 and above
SuperCollider code (Windows, Linux, or Mac)

Peev Excerpt One

Peev Excerpt Two