Asha Sheshadri — No Longer a Soundtrack


Sheshadri’s work involves the unpredictable observation of and response to a personal and political network of relays — archival fields coexisting in entropy — that operate within our collective worlds and imperfect memories. Reading annotations from a book marked up by another, capturing an observational voice memo on a phone, or salvaging footage from a damaged tape are gestures that may produce source material for a fictional letter, a suggestion of an ethnography, soundtrack, or map of a speculated immigration.

These, in turn, may result in a composition, an object, a movement or manifesto. Her work, often taking the form of essayistic videos, recordings, readings, and performances, follows these relays towards creating environments from musical and non-musical artifacts alike — a kind of “affective collaging” concerned with the personal deconstruction and re-assemblage of archival objects and documents.


CD digipack
Recorded and unrecorded in many iterations over a several year period in San Diego, Philadelphia and NYC
Limited to 100
Photography and art direction by Asha Sheshadri
Graphic design by Arnau Sala Saez
Photos by Violeta Mayoral

Elephant Years (Excerpt)