Yureka Cash — Veritable Witness’ Exemplary Resolve

“VWER is documentation of my own durability as a trans woman in the noise scene. It’s really small here. No one cares about this music. Its niche drives us all crazy and we are assholes to each other. None avoid the under attended shows, losing money on tour, and general public disinterest. I certainly haven’t. I get some extra alienation though. I’ve been to shows where I was explicitly forbidden from talking to certain people or told not to come because I would get beat up for attending. There’s less of that now where I live. I just don’t get booked to play anymore. I don’t get asked to release either. Friends have even told me they wish I wasn’t trans. Maybe that’s unrelated. Maybe it’s not. The noise scene certainly isn’t special in the way it treats trans people. Then there’s all of the life stuff I’ve been through the last few years: getting beat up for being trans, getting raped at my job, breaking my ankle, being ostracized at the whim of a certain cis woman, and trying not to kms. I can feel the eye rolls already. I deal with my life stuff quietly. I know you don’t feel bad about it, but I’m proud. I exemplify resolve. I hope you can hear that in the cd.”


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VWER passa com un Motocos; sons de pistola, balena i sabata
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Neural Reproduction