Thursday April 27th 2023
Julietta Ferrari
Violeta Mayoral
Ex Continent Presents: SDSDS#4

El Pumarejo
Av. Carrilet, 187 – Nau 4
L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Tickets: 9€

— ACC024 —

Lxv is the most prominent alias of producer composer David Sutton hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Under the Lxv moniker Sutton has created unique rhythmic contraptions and processed sound environments that have been referred to as “understated, unassuming”, ” enigmatic” with “intentions tantalizingly elusive”.

Julietta Ferrari (@c_d_light) is a DJ and producer based in Barcelona. She has been a member of Drakis since 2017, a collective that has dedicated itself to curating and organizing Club Marabú. Her style fluctuates between modern club productions and ’90s rave nostalgia.

Violeta Mayoral is a resident artist in Barcelona. She works with different media and languages.
Her interest in sound was born in a cabin that she built in the middle of the desert where she was born; two speakers, a tape recorder and a computer. Her sets materialize in a variety of ways, from energetic DJ sets to more experimental formats.

SDSDS is a project by Ex Continent. This project functions as experimental groundwork to test new forms of musical and visual composition based on the interaction between different types of aleatory environments —whether they’re algorithmic, human, non-human, causal or metaphysical.