Radio Pica 1990-1996

Friday April 28th 2017
Arts Santa Mònica
La Rambla 7
08002 Barcelona

— ACC008 —

Between 1990-1996 the self-defined industrial project Oscar Abril Ascaso + Sedcontra hosted a self-titled radio show in the mythical Ràdio Pica station in Barcelona. Since they refused to release their sound work through any physical media, Oscar Abril Ascaso + Sedcontra decided to make their weekly emissions into their only and exclusive format for the diffusion of those works. Loyal to the nihilistic pulsation that ruled their live shows, they turned their herzian space into the ideal medium where to execute any transgression possible. The result was a true anti-radio show where they committed themselves to pervert and destroy every orthodox code in radio broadcasting, with no consideration whatsoever for their audience. After six years of broadcasting the show, Oscar Abril Ascaso + Sedcontra where finally kicked out of the station.


For the first time a selection of ten of these shows will be released in an unprecedented manner. This selection by the authors themselves will be hosted in a box containing five two-hour cassette tapes. These shows which consist an extraordinary and unprecedented goal in the world’s radiophonic history will finally be rescued from being lost and forgotten.


On April 28th 2017, Oscar Abril Ascaso + Sedcontra will realize a very special presentation of this historical document.