Saturday June 15th, 2024
11am / 8pm
Degrowth for Artists:
Lars Holdhus
Arnau Sala Saez

Trama 34
Isaac Peral 7, 3
08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Free admission – Sign Up needed

— ACC027 —

Degrowth for Artists workshop led by artists Lars Holdhus and Arnau Sala Saez at Trama 34 this June 15th in collaboration with Anòmia and Good Praxis.

We will do a workshop to outline the group’s wants, haves and needs and draw up possible new events. Mobilising on a grassroots level can be essential to introduce degrowth principles locally and across borders. Through this workshop, you can learn how art can drive change, create new initiatives and strengthen local communities.
By focusing on the participant’s past experiences, individual desires and future, it’s possible to create new organisations and ideas, including all participants. This workshop has already been arranged in several around Europe and carries the experience of previous workshops with its organisers.

There will be several breaks during the workshop, including a lunch break and we will prepare a vegan meal together. You can bring food and/or drinks if you wish.


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