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17:00H – 21:00H


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Emilia Coranty 16
08018 Barcelona


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Using Sound as a vehicular element, Anòmia invites artists and individuals which apart from sound are also working with diverse methodologies which hold the potential of offering clarity in front of a reigning global scenario that generates feelings of isolation. This scenario overwhelms our perception and alters our consciousness. It also makes it potentially confusing for artists, musicians and creatives to find a place in our current society and to find a way or even a reason to share or successfully broadcast our work. The idea behind this gathering is to offer tools, share works, establish real networks and attempting to see where do we find ourselves between all of these issues.

How do we deal with the dominance of algorithms with an agenda, the problematics of the alleged “connectedness”, our overexposure to information, our addiction to self-expression, the reigning competitiveness and individualism, the menacing shadow of climate change and the rise of the anthropocene, etcetera?



17:00 – Arnau Sala Saez – Introduction. Participant design
18:00 – James William Sinclair – Give the possibility a chance to exist
19:00 – Lea Cho – Introduction to transcendental meditation
20:00 – Ellen Phan – Hypnosis session



17:00 – Daniel Sedcontra – Association, morbid egotism and desolation
18:00 – Mattin – Social Disonance
19:00 – Debate
20:00 – Florian T M Zeisig – Introduction to ASMR + Live
21:15 – Live For Each Moon – Live
22:15 – Ellen Phan – Live
23:15 – Mattin – Live