Eric Frye — Constant-Pattern Solutions

In terms of modality, firstness is associated with possibility, secondness with actuality, and thirdness with necessity. It is illuminating to think these categories through the question of constant-pattern solutions since they are indeed directly related to the difficulty of discriminating change across a sensory continuum. It should firstly be acknowledged that the categories are not to be thought as discrete and sequential operations, but are methodological divisions that are so general, vague, and indeterminate that they do not even amount to conceptions but evanescent ‘tones or tints on conceptions’. The categories themselves are thus below the difference limens.

– Inigo Wilkins




Did you know? Did you really know? I can’t believe you don’t know! I dare you to show me a way that you can know that there’s a way to know that you can be sure that you can win at life! Don’t be afraid if this doesn’t seem like your kind of thing! The opposite of mathematics is pure love, and you can quote me on that – big time! And the only authentic way to engage with the deep time of evolutionary biology is through eating hot spices – they are meant to scare off dinosaur predators, and so one gets very scared. Like in a horror film – neurokinetic kickflips over consensus reality, livestreamed first and buried in the ground second – to ward off dinosaurs. Something growing in the face, the thing that is the ultimate precondition for intensity. Sound music is the sweat on the forehead of the bellhop at the pearly gates  the temperature is rising there, just like here, which David Attenborough won’t mention.

Everyone is supposedly overconnected today in the world. What? Well actually we are more likely underconnected. What? A grenade explodes in the Twitch stream we are all watching. You are a dumbass. What? What you said doesn’t make any sense. What? What do you mean? We are authentically connecting with people probably less than is probably good for us. The shooter in the first person shooter stands in a room in a destroyed church’s crypt. He’s hiding and then gulps down a potion. I don’t give a fuck. Sure, yeah totally, except you definitely do because why else would we be watching this stream. Because it’s funny. You don’t like jokes? All this, to ward off dinosaurs.

— Alexander Iadarola


12″ LP
Edición de 300 copias
Meclado de sesiones en directo grabadas en Japón durante Septiembre 2017. Bocetos de musica funcional.
Masterizado por Lupo en Calyx.

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