Ellen Phan — Visual Squash



The pieces on Visual Squash were composed in early 2018 and were motivated by my work as an NLP Practitioner. A GSR Biofeedback device, which measures the intensity of emotional states, was utilized as source material and modulated through processing. This behavior-technology approach gathers insight into deliberate emotional states that inspire crunch hyper-wavy bliss blasts that jump into joy.

Neuro: Reality is processed by our five senses and nervous system into experience.

Linguistic: Our experience is coded, organized and given meaning by language and non-verbal communication systems.

Programming: Discovering, using and changing our behavior, language and non-verbal communication systems to achieve desired outcomes or directions.

-Ellen Phan


CD i libreto de 20 páginas dentro de portada de 7″
Edición de 100 copias
Musica de Ellen Phan
Vídeo y capturas de vídeo de Nisa Karnsomport
Mástering de Giuseppe Ielasi
Diseño gráfico de Arnau Sala Saez

Break State