Rubén Patiño – European Cosmic Pain





ECP is a release that started with a series of recordings made at the Danish Institute of Electronic Music in Aarhus in 2009. It is a compendium of impulsive edits realized in trains, airports, buses, living rooms, public libraries and temporary bedrooms in Western Europe. It is a nomadic piece that moves in between the heritage of
early electronic music and unorthodox free-form.

ECP represents a fluctuating emotional approach towards composition and synthetic sound rather than strict methodologies or academic discourse. It is an approach that has generated a considerable amount of possible material and variations that have turned ECP into a piece that has been in constant mutation.During this time, the recordings were presented in a few different contexts, including a multi-channel playback at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague and a disruptive spatial intervention combined with wool strings in a moldy basement in Berlin.

After being abandoned for some time the cassette was finished in Berlin in 2015.

While it still keeps the fragmentary traits and reminders of the initial abrupt and raw approach towards assembling electronic sounds, the last edit is an attempt to give certain uniformity and development to a collection of disconnected sound events. A side is dedicated to Maria Lucia Martinez. B side represents a more drastic and new arrangement of old material that is dedicated to Swedish electronic musician, Joel Brindefalk. Both passed away during the process of elaboration of ECP.


20 minute cassette tape
First edition of 100 copies
Grey Chrome cassettes with red cassette imprint
Letterpress printed artwork on 200 gram paper.

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Universal Dental Poverty


Risa Leftover

This edition is SOLD OUT