Various Dates

Antic Forn de Vallcarca
C/ Cambrils 9, Barcelona

El Niu
Almogàvers 208, Barcelona

Ticket for all shows: 15 Eur
Ticket for each individual show: 5 Eur

— ACC004 —

ORNAMENT is a cycle that was created with the starting point of understanding culture today. New technologies have democratized not only production of culture but also access to it, generating the idea of culture that is a consumable (and profitable) product — when everything indicates that “culture” and “consumption” are incompatible concepts. Where does this leave the time of progressive interiorization of culture, of its slow sedimentation, in a paradigm that mandates its rapid and frivolous consumption? Where does this leave a culture that does not lend itself to the perverse game of show and scene?


We believe that at a local level this paradigm shift has affected the cultural fabric of the city — already fragmented according to the dictates of trends — making the city give relevance to hardly interesting proposals, to the detriment of those that do have an entity and a specific artistic weight, with the consequent drop in quality of our proposals and of the selection criteria of promoters. This constructive criticism becomes necessary at the hour of demanding activities that allow us to get more deeply into the projects that are becoming increasingly forgotten, dying little by little.


Ornament is an effort to recover the criterion with little means. It is a meeting point where all involved parties, without claiming any type of recognition or prominence, by means of collective and anonymous effort, aspire as much as possible to influence the cultural production of the city, at the margin of scenes and trends.
As we developed the cycle, we have found more and more difficulties. The current cultural and economic crisis has left independent artists and promoters without the means of being able to have the minimum conditions to develop activities that do not form part of this recreational and commercial spiral, so that finding the ideal spaces and resources only depends directly or indirectly on capital.

Ornament is not subsidized by any organization or any type of capital, private or institutional. Our means are limited, as is, unfortunately, our drawing power. Because of this, any type of support will be infinitely appreciated, whether in the form of dissemination or donation.


Organizers: 8eminis | anòmia


Thanks to:

Daniel Sedcontra
Benjamin Mahoney

Material Eléctrico
Marbre Negre
Antic Forn de Vallcarca


005 – May 23rd – Evil Moisture + Sedcontra + Indigents – Antic Forn de Vallcarca

Andy Bolus has been releasing records and playing under the alias Evil Moisture since 1990. He works with sound sources that feed from circuit-bending, generated randomly to create high-speed cut-up installations. His works have been presented in Japan, France and the UK. He has worked with Yamantaka Eye (Hanatarash, xox, Boredoms), Hironori Murakami, Erik Minkinnen, Andrew Sharpley, Noel Akchote and Luc Ferrari, for whom he produced a series of modified toys. He has toured extensively through Europe and Japan and his works have been released on a wide range of labels.



After a decade of flirting with pop, Sedcontra returns solo to industrial noise with an initial attempt at what he calls aural pornography: an attempt to end the hegemony of the sense of sight in pornographic production, in favor of the sense seemingly furthest from the erotic experience, that of sound, and in passing, in the same operation, music-making. But the listener should not believe he will run into the usual, predictable moaning and panting. Precisely in order to avoid it and to unravel – pun intended – the more abstract and at the same time physical and visceral sound material, the author has used a well-known series of pornographic videos dedicated to the extreme form of oral sex known as irrumatio. The mute splashing of meat soaked in its secretions, muffled noises or explosive choking and suppressed retching, conveniently taken out of context, abstracted and manipulated, produce physical, fractured, syncopated, and, above all, amoral music, destined to perhaps awaken the erotomaniac in the music lover and the music lover in the erotomaniac.


Indigents is a project born from the union of Terrortank (Stephane Kerandel) and Mind Load(Héctor Ojeda) around 2009. Sharing an affinity for American noise – and more specifically the “Michigan sound” – Indigents takes a stand on a brand of noise created by manipulation of cassette tapes, amplification of objects used daily (kitchen utensils, diverse kinds of junk) and lo-fi electronic gear. Indigents struggles to repeatedly create decaying landscapes, pushing us towards a certain feeling of desperation, bringing us closer to the loss of hope while accepting the end of civilization.


004 – May 13th  – Black Leather Jesus, Svartvit, Caustic Screaming Butterfly – Freedonia


Black Leather Jesus is a harsh noise unit from Texas since 1989. The band was formed by Richard Ramirez and has a rotating lineup of 13 members. BLJ has worked with such artists as Merzbow, Incapacitants, MSBR, Nihilist Assault Group, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), and others. Themes revolve around the leather scene. Their sound utilizes found metal objects as their main source. This is BLJ’s first European tour.


Caustic Screaming Butterfly is a drone/harsh noise project of Paul Connolly. Since relocating to Houston in 2005 from Canada he has performed as an improvisor in the city’s acoustic and electronic/noise scenes, as a composer (recently featured as part of the 2013 Houston Fringe Festival), and curates an electronic music series – Brave New Waves: Explorations in Electronic Sound. Performing under several monikers –brightbluebeetle (textural/ambient), Caustic Screaming Butterfly (drone), Classical Music Bloodbath (hard noise), and square-circle-square (generative noise), for contemporary music projects he works under his given name.


Svartvit is a harsh noise artist from the Netherlands since 2009. Has extensively toured Europe.







(photos: Òscar Alfonso / Zoë Valls)

003 – April 16th – Ryan Jencks, Benjamin Mahoney + Fingering Eve – Niu


Ryan Jencks is an Oakland, California based experimental / industrial noise artist. Since the late 80′s he has performed as AZOG, Quaalords, SIXES, along with Southern California rhythm and noise outfits Crash Worship, Pure and Physics through the 90′s. Numerous collaborations over the years have included Dave Ed (Neurosis), Scott Arford (Radiosonde), Joke Lanz (Sudden Infant), John Wiese (SunnO)))), Daniel Menche and Zbigniew Karkowski. He also contributes to several other projects, such asDeathroesBurmese and, more recently, Sutekh Hexen.


The latest project from Benjamin Mahoney is an exploration of sound as portal to the paranormal and the subconscious. Moving to Barcelona after many years of playing the underground alternative/experimental scene in Los Angeles (playing and recording with artist such as the Hop-Frog Collective to Dame Darcy) Benjamin has stumbled into the electronic and psychedelic scene that has strong roots in the Mediterranean city. Inspired by early sonic experiments of turn of the century scientist to find a connection to the after-life through technology, and by the repetition of sound, using analog electronic and field recording sound sources, his music strives to re-create a soundscape of what it might be like had the bridge between the living and paranormal had been crossed.


Young unknown musician David Martín is behind the project Fingering Eve. In addition to releasing various projects on his label Angoisse, he records music and does long distance projects with international musicians.







002 – April 4th – Vomir, Impersonator + Gyakusatsu  – Antic Forn de Vallcarca


Vomir is one of the most uncompromising artists within the Harsh Noise scene. Since the project’s start in 2006 he has had over forty releases. Vomir’s sound is entirely built of static, with the focus on generating a harsh noise wall. Social refusal, self-denial, interaction with society, some call it nihilism. Vomir is a concise and primal but somewhat minimalistic statement that revolves around the ideas of isolation, seclusion, sensory deprivation, anonymity.


Impersonator formed in 2012. Christopher Latina and Davindar Singh create extreme physical density through improvisation with digital synthesis and baritone saxophone. The duo is currently split between Boston and Strasbourg and will reconvene to perform their first European shows.


Gyakusatsu is the medium that Òscar Alfonso has been using since 2010 to deliver  a thick dose of straight up power electronics and harsh noise. Putting a finger on classic PE themes /subjects such as serial killers, pathologies, and Christian repression and fanatism, at times adding a Catalan essence to the project’s aesthetics. He has performed live mainly around Spain and also has a wide selection of releases on different international labels as well as his own Marbre Negre label.








001 – March 28th  – The Rita, Gordon Ashworth + Gabacho SS / Aryan Catalan – Antic Forn de Vallcarca


Established in 1996, The Rita is the renowned harsh noise project by Sam McKinlay.
His abrasive, visceral audio documents focus on parallels between obsessive thematic subjects and sonic textures.  His live performances have incorporated two-stroke motorcycle engines, shark diving tanks, and amplified skateboard railings as instruments.  He has toured throughout Europe, Japan and North America, and has been awarded by the Canadian Council for the Arts four times since 2007.


Raw and surreal sound collage via live tape manipulation: musique concrete, electro-acoustic drone,  social field recordings, and American folk.  Gordon Ashworth is known for his music under the names ConcernOscillating Innards, CAEN, and the death/black metal band Knelt Rote.  He has performed in over 20 countries, and this will be his fifth time touring Europe (and the first performances under his real name).  He has past and forthcoming releases by PAN, Digitalis, Orindal, RRR, etc.