Max Eilbacher – Conjunctive Phase Standards (Synthesis)




“There is a point, pretty early on in, Max Eilbacher’s Conjunctive Wave Synthesis record where a voice, starts saying “duh” over and over in a non-rhythmic specialized drawl of obviousness. The lens of this release is thoroughly shifted through 20th Century European Composition, high quality electronics and mixing, and a just general better sense of the artist’s own voice. The oddly spacialized glossolalia, the blurry house-inflected rhythms, the glitch-y burned out bleeps, the micro drones, and the frenetic wavy washes of synth shard flapper never seem to last that long, but somehow are intrinsically connected to the category that follows it. Once the listener starts mapping the connection the listener realizes the whole mess of categories are sewn quite tightly together. But this is “duh” music! The music is screaming in its own obviousness, at every moment there is something to grab onto and hold dear during that one passing breath. It’s kind of like a wave, or swimming in the ocean? Some shit with water? Where there’s a lot of it, but its separate things? All these separate things that are one thing? Not an object, but just a…whole…”


30 minute cassette tape.
Orange ferric cassettes with white imprint.
Offset printed artwork.
Edition of 100 copies.

Excerpt 01

Excerpt 02

Excerpt 03

Excerpt 04

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