LXV — Partition



“Partition” is a new EP from sound artist and producer David Sutton’s LXV project. Both a collection of songs and part audio/ visual output “Partition” reflects an interest in conceptions of a world through subjective imagery and by way of third party viewership. Previous work under the LXV banner, such as “Asylum/ Theophany’ (Soft Abuse 2015) and “Clear” (Anòmia 2016) focused on the nature of individual consciousness and the confrontation and assimilation of personal phenomena. In its compacted EP format, “Partition” presents a varying array of nearly unidentifiable sounds pushing the language of modern electronic music in parallel of observing an illogical world order.



1 Breathless 2:09
2 Disposition Cache 2:17
3 Run Return 1:35
4 Golemic Vectorisation 4:01
5 Faceless Rodeo 3:53

Digital Files
Recorded 2017 in Philadelphia
Music — David Sutton
Artwork, Design, Video — Arnau Sala Saez

Golemic Vectorization