Ex Continent — La perspectiva racional


Video — Contingut com a sediment



““La perspectiva racional” is Ex Continent’s first full release. It is an artistic result after a creative hiatus. 2015 and 2016 were spent on musical and personal introspections that resulted in this album. The multiple scenarios and moods layered in the work constitute an exercise. Contained within, there is a struggle to connect with the vital need to seek cosmic and mundane answers (while trying to avoid any filters) and an attempt to connect with the critical complexity of the multiple realities of the present. “La perspectiva racional” genuinely feeds off internal and external changes. Taking the role of perceiver and projector while trying to understand reality vs. perception, attention can be linked (by chance or not), to multiple routes through different bits of essential information. How do we relate to this information and how do we associate or disassociate ourselves from it?



Recorded in Barcelona in 2016, this full-length release is presented on digital format via anòmia. A cassette edition will be released via Hospital Productions (NYC) this month.





01 Fórmula Base  02:22
02 Contingut Com A Sediment  01:53
03 Forma  03:14
04 Contingut  05:38
05 La Perspectiva Racional  04:08
06 Contagi  03:03
07 Parlem De Perspectiva  01:48
08 Adaptació Al Medi  02:09
09 Humanització  05:42
10 Col.lapse  04:06


Digital File
Recorded 2016 in Barcelona
Artwork, Design, video — Arnau Sala Saez

Contingut com a sediment


La perspectiva racional

Parlem de perspectiva