Elastic Floor — EVOL — Tunnel Flop





ELASTIC FLOOR is a concept developed by Rubén Patiño. A surface without walls, a playground for synthetic sounds. The basis of the project is to explore environments that could potentially exist away from the codes of behaviour established in orthodox spaces such as the club or the art gallery.


The first instalment comes in the form of three separate cassettes, each one by a different artist. The music generated in each release is an interpretation of this space.


Tunnel Flop by EVOL is the first of the three.



LegoJackson54 3 weeks ago


Ansley Whitlock 2 weeks ago
This is the song that everyone finds, but nobody wants to find


Rayane Gaming 1 week ago
2:31 the floor is lava


James Murphy 6 months ago
the radio edit is so shite compared to this


Upendra Gehlot 8 months ago
WTF I came here to test my speakers and now I need to go to fix my ears


iprotiger55 2 years ago
I’ve got this song on cd


Clorox Bleach 6 months ago
i got a seizure…. i should drink myself


Dairus Cudlefish 1 year ago
Look at the rocks to the right… It looks like a piece of pie…


JimenezFam 2 years ago
Faze is calling me!


Natasha Mahurin 3 weeks ago
is it children?


Susan Kenny 1 year ago
haha…im becoming my mother!


Daniel Martinez 2 years ago
90′s Orlando…nuff said!!!


Michaël X 10 months ago
LSD brought me here.


paul shaw 5 months ago
I got the bus.


Cesar Hernandez 7 months ago
Because this is the future


p cha 1 year ago
standing next to the speakers on a 50k soundsystem while this tune plays will make you go deaf.


Filip Pandrc 6 months ago
No thanks


Christopher James 9 months ago
Yeah and Wobble


Sarah Smith 2 years ago
this thing will bust yout tweeters


georgie peorgie 2 years ago


David Theisen 3 years ago
Quite possibly THE BEST TECHNO SONG EVER!!!!! what a feast for your ears!!! listen to it in the car! its awesome as you’re driving along with the windows open and cranked up!


david dekens 3 weeks ago
Viral Music 4 twisted mind peoples.


PJ Setiawan 3 months ago
Steady…steady….and went nuts!


Danny Mills 4 months ago


Harry Andorsky 5 months ago
Wikipedia brought me here…


Buy Villa Spain 7 months ago
They use fear to control you for money


hagenblich3 years ago
yum yum :)


DCook 5 years ago


Double R 9 months ago
R2D2′s best track ever


TheKissili 1 year ago
ich bin mal mit mein farad hingefalen


Sylwia Gajewski 1 year ago


Jake The Doge 8 months ago
omelette du fromage


benjamin1985BS 9 months ago
tha real deal


DownFlex 2 years ago
In breathtaking 240p. Oldschool


Fuko Ibuki2 years ago
Anybody Russian here? Because i am!


jordan lewis 7 months ago
hit like if you are watching in 3295 and aliens have taken over the planet, enslaved the human race but we can still get down to these beats


MrDuckBill 2 years ago


Jm. Rs. 6 months ago
Its no techno, its Electro dance.


extraterrestrial16 1 year ago
for some really cool reason.. this takes me an awesome night club / bar in russia where we are all drinking bloody vodka and having a kiss ass time..haha


Ares Xena 2 years ago
Nightcore version is better. .-.


David Hayden 2 months ago
Excuse me – where be the BASS ?


marcão martins 3 months ago
som bom


Razar20 5 months ago
Nostalgia da porra!


GamingWithKayne 9 months ago
check my flog out


Sandy Ngo 10 months ago


KazzyTube 9 months ago
Why is this song everywhere
Or am I just everwhere


timomastosalo 3 months ago
Yeah, this is beyond 666




50 minute cassette tape.
Green chrome cassettes with purple imprint.
Offset printed artwork.
Edition of 100 copies.

Tunnel Flop Sample