Article C – Big C






Big C, a refraction of Chris Latina’s Article Collection project, delves in territories like extracted synthesis and generative dance music and ruminates on ideas of concurrent timing signals known as semaphores. The album is meant to be a set of singles, with sets of tracks created using similar techniques, each acting as a glue for the others. This material is best listened to while driving down Ponce de Leon and Moreland Avenues in Atlanta, Georgia. Recorded mostly in ATL with help from 2Chainz engineer Finis KY White. Mastered for Toyota Corolla.


Some notes: All tracks were composed using some form that leads the rest, whether derived from control voltage, MIDI arpeggiation, or simple machine listening features.  Abstract 4 is processed using Latina’s signal-aware ambisonic plugin that detects the spectral flux in multiple frequency bands and maps each to varying rotational angles and directions.




Capsa amb casset.
Edició de 100 còpies.
Cintes de casset blaves de qualitat fèrrica amb impressió en blanc.
Capsa de plàstic amb portades i fulles interiors impreses en offset.
Gravat a Atlanta, EUA.


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Abstract 4 (Ambisonic Spectral Reflect)

Bigger C


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